Thursday, April 01, 2010


Oh, how quick Christians are to criticize any and all Christian leaders with whom they may disagree. As defenders of truth, it is certainly understandable and I am guilty of participating in such activity myself (for example I was very critical of Rick Warren's evangelism methods as outlined in his book The Purpose Driven Life). Certainly, there is a time and place for rebuke and exhortation of fellow believers. No doubt we are all called into the realm of apologetics in one form or another. However, I am convicted from my own experience that in my desire to defend the gospel from distortions and heresy, I have rarely done so in gentleness and respect. That is, it has rarely been "wrapped in love", by the power of the Spirit, as Paul so carefully instructed us to do.

So, my question is simple. What would happen if King David were alive today and one of our leaders? Or on the flip side, what would happen if all Christians were living back in his time and place. What would be said about him, really?? I do wonder how many of us, myself included, would be quick to condemn him for many of the things he did, of which we do not approve.

What about his adultery with Bathsheba? (2 Samuel 11)

Or orchestrating the murder of her husband Uriah? (2 Samuel 11)

Or how about the ecclesiastical no-no when he and his men went into the sanctuary and fed on the showbread? (1 Samuel 21)

We can understand these things in hindsight, but what if they happened before our eyes? Just something to consider and apply to the here and now.


Daniel said...

I don't have enough time to create twenty five or so links. I read your article though.

ROC REV said...

I so agree and have been guilty at times, too. One thing we can do is disagree with a particular thought or teaching that someone has while trying to also give them the "overall" benefit of the doubt. That is to say we "separate the wheat from the chaff," and try not to attack the person on the whole. On another not, a pet peeve of mine regarding David... He lived an amazing life... had amazingly fantastic character overall... and truly was a man after God's own heart... I hate it when people (not saying you)want to focus so much attention on his big screw up... basically the Bathsheba/Uriah deal... not that it wasn't big, cuz it was... but that was like one bad year out of 80 years of following God. David was one of the most amazing God-followers ever. He also repented... and He also lived with the consequences... and He still should be remembered as an amazing follower of God.... just my thoughts... great blog! Check out mine at

John said...

I really enjoyed my visit here today. I a a big 'fan' of David for although he screwed up, he repented and was loyal to God and that's the kind of man I want to be. It is encouraging to read of his falls and his victories. I agree with you on Warren's book but think he's probably a pretty good guy.

Kathlene Smith said...

I think you are so right about David. I also think we already know what people would think of him. Look at some of our Christian leaders today who have made mistakes and how the Christian community responded to that. Yes, sadly Christians are the first to inflict deep wounds in people who make mistakes. We are quick to forget who we are and what WE were saved from. I think people look up to David at times because he is someone in the bible and we see the whole story. But it's harder to say we admire and respect some of our leaders. Great blog. Thanks.